Hair Care




Step 1. Shampoo and Condition the Hair
Step 2. Rinse Thoroughly with cold water
Step 3. Air Dry
Step 4. Install

Step 1. Use a wide tooth comb to style the hair.
Step 2. Avoid styling products that cause buildup.
Step 3. Tie your hair a night to minimize shedding.
Step 4. Wash with clariying shampoo every 7 days.

Step 1. CoWash the Hair
Step 2. Apply your desired color (for lighter colors use a bleaching powder and 30 volume developer)

Step 3. Shampoo the hair Thoroughly
Step 4. Apply Deep Conditioner
Step 5. Rinse with cold water and ar dry

Upon receipt of Hair


Always inspect the hair before installation. Leave the bundle intact. If there are any problems with the hair, you should be able to detect them at that time. For Virgin Hair, when performing the cowash, leave the bundle intact and check for excessive shedding or any issues. If you find any issues at that point, please contact us, before installation or alterations.

Before Install Instructions

100% Virgin Hair must be co-washed (wash hair with moisturizing conditioner) in order to transform the hair from it's raw state. You must perform the co-wash BEFORE you make any alterations to the hair (color, perm, etc).


Maintenance Instruction for all Textures

• Shampoo at least once a week
• Use a shampoo no higher than pH 7. (Morocco Argan Oil )
• Do not massage.
• Rinse thoroughly with cold water
• Apply conditioner and comb through with wide tooth comb, starting with the ends working your way up to your scalp.
• Rinse thoroughly.
• Let air-dry.

Daily Maintenance

• Use styling products minimally to avoid build up.
• For Wavy & Curly Hair use a paddle brush on wet hair  and air dry for a natural look.
• For a "WET" look, we suggest a mixture of B&B foam & Lottabody setting lotion.
• We recommend a clarifying shampoo every 7 days
• Before going to bed, braid your hair into one loose large braid at the back of the neck.
• After waking up, undo braid.
• Dampen hair with a water bottle.
• Brish with wide paddle brush beginning at the ends and working your way up to roots.
• Let hair air-dry.
• Style as desired.



Protecting Your Weft

While minimal shedding is normal, there are steps you can take, to ensure the longevity of your investment.

Prior to installing your hair, use weft seal to protect your investment. Weft sealing is applying a sealant to the weft to prevent shedding. Most sealants can be purchased in your local craft store and are used on fabrics to prevent fraying. The most popular brands that we have tested and approved are Aleene's Stop Fraying and June Tailor's Fray Block. It can take up to 5 days for the sealant to cure so do not wash or install your hair until the process is completed according to the instructions on the sealant packaging.

Never sew through the top of the weft. Putting a needle through the weft will damage the weft and cause shedding. To assure your wefts are kept in good condition and long lasting, we suggest sewing around the weft. In addition we suggest reinforcing the weft with a sealant to help prevent shedding.


Additional Hair Care Tips


Although the extension hair is real, it is not receiving nutrients from the scalp like your own hair. Heat is your hair extensions biggest enemy. The more you use on it, the shorter the life span of your hair. We cannot guarantee that the hair will remain silky if you use the blow dryer, flat iron, or curling iron.

If you perm, tint, bleach or cellophane the hair, you do it at your own risk. We do not guarantee any hair that has been chemically altered. If you must chemically alter it, then be sure to do a test strand first. This will allow you to test how the hair will hold up to the chemicals.



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